Honey Holiday Recipes from Ham to Dessert

A bottle of Nate’s honey is centered on a dark surface with baked chicken, grapes and sliced apples in the background.

Fill your holiday table with honey-featured recipes.

The holiday season brings together friends and family for a delicious meal filled with wonderful once-a-year dishes. From ham to pie, you don’t want to miss out on any of the traditional holiday dishes that many of us look forward to for months. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive recipe list to make your holiday meal planning just a little bit easier.

From main dishes to drinks, we’ve got you covered with this list. Just grab your Nate’s raw and unfiltered honey at the store and you’ll be ready to start cooking! These easy recipes feature our favorite holiday (and year-round) ingredient: honey. Not only does honey pair perfectly with the flavors of the holiday season, but it’s also a natural way to sweeten your dishes. Honey is a great processed sugar replacement because it is 100% natural.

With this go-to recipe guide for the holidays, your table will be full of delicious food to enjoy with all your loved ones.


Every table has to have a centerpiece. Try these easy, holiday table must-haves for your main attraction. Ham or baked chicken (or both!) can feed a crowd and also make delicious leftovers!

Nate’s honey is being drizzled onto a grilled pear garnished with pomegranate and rosemary on a rustic metal plate.


Don’t be fooled into thinking side dishes are just supplementary. These side dishes fill up the holiday table and will be requested by all your guests!


A holiday meal is not complete without plenty of dessert. Whether you go for something fruity or chocolate-y (or both!) you can’t go wrong with these delectable holiday treats.

Eggnog in clear mugs with whipped cream, candy canes, festive straws, and fruit garnishes on a dark tray.


If you’re hosting a holiday meal or party, don’t forget about beverages. You can impress all your guests with a round of fancy drinks that requires minimal effort.

Enjoy baking those beloved, annual holiday dishes with this trusty recipe guide! From Nate’s Honey Co., we hope your family has a wonderful holiday season full of food and family.

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