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It started with
a mission

Nathan Sheets got the nickname “Nature Nate” in college because he was a nature lover and outdoorsman.

After graduating from college and owning his own ad agency, Nathan began serving in the ministry. He has journeyed on 100+ mission trips all over the world with the goal of helping others. He was also one of the driving forces behind the global “I Am Second” media campaign that highlights stories of hundreds of lives transformed through the grace of Jesus Christ.

In 2010, he decided to make honey his full-time endeavor, and life has never been sweeter. As Nate likes to say, “The Lord has blessed us so we can be a blessing to others.”

Meet Nate
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Honey helps us
help others

For us, honey is more than just a food product, it’s a natural resource. Honey means so much beyond making that yogurt sweeter or that sandwich gooier. Simply, it helps us help others.

This is why Honey Gives Hope is so important to us. It’s a philosophy that we put into practice every day and a way of giving back that is as pure, raw and unfiltered as our honey.

Honey Gives Hope

Ingredients: Honey

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Our honey is 100% honey. That's it.

“I am only willing to put products on your family’s table that I’d be proud to put on my own family’s table.” – Nate

We ensure 100% purity through rigorous testing for antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and rice or corn syrup adulteration. All testing is done through third-party labs and in our in-house lab to ensure quality and consistency every time.

Purity Guarantee

The Original
Raw & Unfiltered

Since day one, we’ve carefully and minimally handled our honey, ensuring it is as close to its original provision as possible. Here’s to humans not making every bless-ed thing more complicated.

What We Do

Your One-Stop Honey Shop

At Nate's, honey doesn't stop at tea & biscuits. Hello honey for pre-workout, cocktails, kid snacks and all things wellness.

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From a Hobby to
Nate's Hives

Nate’s honey started with one backyard beehive. Now we are entrusted with thousands of hives that allow us to bring 100% pure honey to your table directly from the source.

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