FAQs - Nature Nate's Honey Company. Raw and Unfiltered Honey

Frequently asked Questions

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Do you heat your honey? If so, to what temperature is it heated?
How can it be raw if it is heated?
Do you test your honey? Does it contain corn/rice syrup adulteration or pesticides?
Does local honey help with allergies?
Where is the honey from?
What is the source (vegetation) of the honey?
Why should I buy Nature Nate’s honey instead of my local farmer’s market?
Is honey better for me than processed sugar?
How does honey compare to agave, stevia, etc.?
Do you supplement with sugar to feed the bees in the winter?
Do you feed the bees? If so, what?
What are you doing to help the bees/fight CCD?
Is the honey non-GMO?
Is all of your honey organic?
My honey is hard. What does this mean?
Where are you located?
Do you have a retail store?
What can I pair honey with?
Does your company have any giveback programs?
Do you sell any swag?
How do I become a brand ambassador?