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Long Live the Bees

Learn how Nature Nate's Honey Co.
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We're dedicated to working toward
a world where honey bees are healthy.
Bee Health

It's all about the bees

Because of all they do for us, we believe we have a responsibility to make a positive impact on the future of bee health. Yes, bees give us delicious honey (which we personally can't live without!), but more importantly, they sustain our ecosystems. Without them, we wouldn't have what we need to live healthy, happy lives.

Why It Matters

Research is critical in keeping honey bee hives healthy

Our partners are working to identify and correct the causes of bee health decline.

Honey bees & honey are impacted by our changing world

We have close relationships with our beekeepers to keep hives and honey safe from pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics.

Honey bees are crucial to our ecosystem & food supply

Honey bees give us more than honey. More than 1/3 of the food we eat is pollinated by honey bees, including 100+ crops.
Trust & Authenticity

Responsible Beekeeping

Not all beekeepers are equal. We support those who share our vision - to protect and take care of bees and their hives, not just profit from them. We test every batch of our honey and share the results with our family of beekeepers to ensure the bees have not been exposed to commonly used pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics. That's our guarantee – 100% pure, unadulterated honey, thanks to these trusted beekeepers. Together, we work to support bee populations and keep hives healthy.

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Invested in the Future

Educating Future Generations

We believe that the future of the honey bee lies not only in our hands but also in little hands. We share the amazing work of honey bees and the joy of honey through free resources for teachers and parents. Whether your children would benefit from interactive lesson plans, fun printables or kid-friendly recipes with honey, we have the resources you need to spur creative minds.

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University Partnerships