UC Davis

Beekeeper inspecting a frame outdoors near beehives.

As part of our Long Live the Bees initiative, Nate’s Honey Co. partners with universities from across the country to assist in research and solutions that impact honey bee health, honey supplies, and sustainable beekeeping. Nate’s was excited to be the lead sponsor of the Honey Symposium developed by The Honey and Pollination Center located in the Robert Mondavi Institute at UC Davis and Michael Roberts from Resnick Center for Food Law & Policy at UCLA. The April 2021 program focused on understanding how honey adulteration affects beekeepers, honey production and ultimately, our food system.

At Nate’s we are passionate about investing in key programs that keep hives healthy and honey bee populations thriving, so everyone can enjoy the unadulterated goodness of real, pure honey.

The thought-leadership symposium featured a keynote address by Michael Roberts from the Resnick Center for Food Law & Policy at UCLA. Roberts has written papers for the United Nations and the U.S. Government concerning food fraud and honey adulteration. In addition, the program was geared toward educating specialty food retailers that actively educate their consumers. Five retailers discussed the ways in which they educate their customers.

Additional speakers included:

  • Grace Singleton, Zingerman’s
  • Danielle Vogel, Glen’s Garden Farmer’s Market
  • Amelia Rappaport, Woodstock Farmers’ Market
  • Raph Mogannum, Bi-Rite Family of Foods
  • Kendall Antonelli, Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

In addition, Chris Hiatt, vice president of the American Honey Producers Association and third-generation beekeeper at Hiatt Honey in California, addressed the way the U.S. government is working with beekeepers on the issue of adulteration. Insights presented at the Symposium helped attendees better understand how to source, promote and sell top-quality honey.

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