No-Stress Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful excuse to spend time celebrating your loved ones. Yet sometimes we can get bogged down in making the day so perfect that we give up before we even get started. But you don’t have to make plans a month in advance to have some quality time with your partner!

With these simple date night ideas, you can take time for your partner even if you don’t have a reservation or a babysitter. Whatever you do, make sure that you carve out some quality time for just you and your significant other. Celebrate your relationship and all you do for each other; you both deserve it.

For A Night In

If you don’t want to venture outside on Valentine’s Day or aren’t able to book a sitter, try these cute date night ideas for a special night in!

An After-Hours Picnic

Once you put the kids to bed, have an evening picnic just the two of you. If weather permits, go outside with a lantern and blanket and enjoy a romantic picnic. Or lay out a blanket and some candles on the floor inside where it’s warm and toasty.

If you’ve already eaten dinner with the kids, try making a few snacks or desserts together. You could build a 5-minute cheese plate or a festive red fruit salad. Chocolate honey cherry cordials and conversation heart pies are cute and delish treats to enjoy together.

Movie Night with S’mores

Pick a good movie, and curl up on the couch! Make it special by preparing S’mores together. For a different take on S’mores, you could also try this recipe for chocolate dipped honey clouds. Enjoy your movie and your yummy desserts.

Simple Yet Swanky

For a nice dinner together, find some recipes that are easy and don’t require much cook time. Place them on your formal dishes to make you both feel fancy – you know, the ones you only take out once a year! For an appetizer, try making strawberry bleu cheese bites, honey baked brie or green apple and chevre bites. This recipe for baked chicken and grapes is an elegant and easy recipe for the main course.

You can’t skip dessert on Valentine’s Day! Try this simple chocolate mousse recipe for something quick and delicious.  Another way to elevate your dinner is by making your own drinks. Try this white honey sangria or this cranberry ginger kombucha recipe. They’re both festive and refreshing!

Not up for cooking after a long day, order your favorite take-out and dress up your meal on those formal dishes! 

For A Night Out

If you want to venture out of the house, try one of these fun night-out ideas. Enjoy getting dressed up and going out!

Restaurant Hop

If you can’t decide on one restaurant (or forgot to make reservations), hop to a few different restaurants in town. Visit one spot for a drink and appetizer. Move to another restaurant for the main course and a dessert. So many fun options!

1 and 1

For a 1 and 1, each person gets to pick something: one person can pick their favorite activity and the other can pick their favorite restaurant. It’s a great way for both people to enjoy one of their favorite things and to share it with their partner.

Throwback Thursday

With Valentine’s Day falling on a Thursday this year, take advantage of a Throwback Thursday date night out! Maybe you do a personal TBT date night and return to an old, meaningful spot for you and your partner. Or you can throw it back with an old-school date night such as rollerblading or a drive-in movie.

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy time together this Valentine’s Day!

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