Cooking Whole Foods for the Whole Family

Nate’s organic honey bottle with roasted veggies, spices and olive oil on a striped cloth.

Following an eating plan while cooking for an entire family can be a challenge. Whether it’s Whole30, Paleo or Gluten-free, it’s hard to find something that passes for everyone. The delicious looking mac and cheese on your kids’ plates continues to test your self-discipline, and the littles don’t exactly cheer for your veggie-heavy entree. Eating whole foods together as a family is easier than you think, with a little substitution here and a little honey-on-the-side there.

The 10 recipes below all start with food at it’s finest– real, whole, and natural – and they are easily customizable to fit whatever way you’re eating these days. You can always offer real noodles on the side of the zoodle dish or skip the chocolate dipping sauce if it’s not on-plan. We never encourage skipping the honey, but the best part about Nate’s is that it’s easily served on the side, so everyone can add their own drizzle!


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