10 After-school No-sugar-needed Snacks

Kids are often at their snackiest right when they come home from school. When you’re stuck in rush-hour traffic or trying to prepare dinner, it can be challenging to give them nutritional but appetizing options that aren’t chockfull of processed ingredients. On average, 1 in 10 Americans consumes 25% or more of their calories from processed sugar.

So, while it is easy just to toss them a bag of chips, making snacks at home helps ensure your kids are eating only the best ingredients and not processed sugars that will lead to the dreaded “sugar crash.” But with your busy work schedule and kids’ activities, how can you keep from slipping into a snack rut?

We’ve served up a list of 10 tasty treats that are easy to whip up or make ahead of time. Some are even kid-friendly enough to make all on their own:

1. Ants on a Log

When raisins just aren’t exciting enough, try this classic snack with a fun twist – pomegranate arils add a pop of color to this simple snack time favorite.

Ants on a Log

Let your kids experiment with different toppings!

2. Honey Peanut-ella

Great on toast, in sandwiches, over ice cream and with fruit, it will be hard to keep their (and your) hands away from this yummy dip.

Honey Peanut-ella

Make in batches so you always have some on hand.

3. Mermaid Toast

A snack-worthy work of art. Better yet, let them experiment with color to make their own mermaid toast masterpiece.

Mermaid Toast

This magical snack is sweet and colorful.

4. Strawberry UNmilkshake

For a change of snacktime pace, mix it up with your mixer. Here’s a milkshake made without milk or ice cream so everyone can enjoy.

Strawberry UnMilkshake

Let your kids try this concoction and give this sweet treat a whirl.

5. Cookie Dough Energy Bites

A quick, no-bake cookie dough snack that is great any time of the day, but watch out or you’ll find yourself eating them all up!

Cookie Dough Energy Bites

An energy boost before your kids start their homework.

6. PB & Honey Bites

Simple yet tasty, these peanut butter and honey bites make the perfect after-school snack. Sprinkle with coconut or cinnamon.


PB & Honey Bites

Mmmmmm, now that is yummy.

7. Girl Scout Copycat S’mores Cookies

Sweet, homemade honey marshmallows are a great alternative to the pre-packaged brands with processed sugar. Enjoy these campfire snacks anytime, with dark chocolate and graham crackers! Campfire not required.

Girl Scout Copycat Smore Cookies

The Girl Scouts might be disappointed, but you won’t be!

8. Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

No sugar needed for this delicious ice cream recipe. Add raw and unfiltered honey for a delicious alternative sweetener. For even more fun, set up a mini-toppings bar with cinnamon, coconut shavings, or sprinkles!

National Honey Month Recipes

9. Honey Apples

Honey is one of nature’s finest snacks. Drizzle honey over sliced apples or turn an apple into a dipping bowl that can be eaten after the fun with one less dish to clean. Mmmm, now you’re talking.

Honey Apples

An easy snack you can feel good about making for your kids.

10. Frosted Peanut Bars

A weekend activity that the kids can help with, whip up a batch of these peanut butter bars for after school snacks. But who are we kidding, these will probably be devoured by Monday.

Frosted Peanut Bars

Don’t forget to save yourself a piece!

At Nate’s, we always want to know what’s in our food. We strive to choose real ingredients that we know our kids will love.

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