No-Stress Eats: Take It to the Slow Cooker

Pumpkin soup in a pot, cream swirl and seeds on a wood table with fall decor.

When it comes to kitchen appliances that really prove their value year after year, the slow cooker is queen. Despite some hard feelings garnered by fierce This Is Us fans (we too love Jack Pearson), this magical pot remains a countertop staple for busy families who crave wholesome homemade meals. While the slow cooker is a reliable workhorse for cooking mealtime basics like shredded chicken and taco meat, it can do so much more. Prepare epic family french toast overnight with the click of a button? Yes please. Serve up a heartwarming pasta dinner after a crazy day of work? Your family won’t even ask for Italian takeout after this. Here are our tried and true recipes that go beyond your basic slow cooker cuisine – all made extra delicious with Nate’s 100% pure honey.

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