Baking with Honey Is a Piece of Cake

Strawberry cake in skillet, a bottle of Nate’s honey, flowers and silver spoon on a napkin.

Are you ready for some good news? You can have your cake and eat it too. No surprise here, but we prefer baking our cakes with 100% pure, raw and unfiltered honey instead of processed sugar. Not just because honey is an all-natural sweetener without the sugar crash, but because it lends a deeper and richer flavor that will send your baked goods soaring to new heights.

We could never pick just one favorite, so we’ve decided to share a few front-runners in which the addition of honey really shines. A honey-soaked strawberry corn cake, a smooth custardy berry skillet cake, even a gluten-free golden honey cake that you’d never know was any different than the classic – because everyone deserves to eat cake, so let them!

Relentless Quality.
Ridiculously Good Taste.
Confidently, the Most Trusted Honey.