7 Snacktivities to Keep Hands Busy & Tummies Happy

Waffle pretzels with nut butter, dipped in chocolate and colorful sprinkles.

When everyone is home for extended periods of time, pantry and cabinet doors never seem to close. But at the end of a hectic day at home, there’s nothing worse than whipping up a wholesome family meal only to discover everyone is full from an all-day snacking marathon.

It’s extremely tempting to outlaw snacks all-together, but instead, let the kids take ownership in the kitchen with these easy recipes for tiny hands. No-bake cookie dough bites mean you can finally say “yes” when they beg to lick the spoon. Mermaid toast is a purely magical use of those leftover holiday sprinkles. And homemade fruit snacks are jiggly, juicy fun without the sugar crash.

They’ll be proud of their culinary accomplishment, you’ll keep them busy for a beat and bellies of all ages will be satisfied.

A collage of chocolate-dipped fruit, chocolate chip cookie
 balls and decorated toast.

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