Feel-Good Honey Pairings

Open Nate's honey bottle pouring on peach and cheese toast.

5 Snack Pairings with Extra Goodness

If you’re starting to feel run down, turn to your pantry or fridge for a quick boost. With a few natural ingredients, you can perk up your snack game and your energy level. These five simple and easy snack pairings can help you stay on top of your vitamin intake and keep your body feeling ready to conquer the day. Plus, you can enjoy some tasty treats too!


Bright, delicious berries are full of antioxidants, fiber and vitamin C – all important nutrients to keep you feeling good. From topping cereal with blueberries to slicing up some strawberries for dessert, berries add a vitamin kick to your snack or meal.

Try building a berry bowl and drizzling honey over top for a vibrant side dish, snack or dessert. The kids will also love this super cute ants on a log recipe that includes spoonfuls of antioxidant-rich pomegranates.


A bowl of vitamin C? Yes, please. Packed into grapefruits are vitamin C, vitamin A and lots of water. The extra vitamins and hydration will aid your body in fighting sickness and help keep you feeling great.

Simply slice a grapefruit in half and drizzle some honey over it for a delicious combo of tart and sweet. For something a little fancier and richer in flavor, make this honey brûleéd grapefruit recipe.

Sliced grapefruits drizzled with honey beside yellow tulips on a marble board.


Feeling drowsy in the carpool line or trying to get through that mid-afternoon lull? Grab a snack rich in protein like yogurt! Real, natural yogurt contains calcium and protein to give you a boost. Just make sure to purchase natural yogurt rather than loading up on processed sugar, which can cause a crash. Top your yogurt with honey to add some natural sweetness.

Yogurt has tons of potential: eat it plain with honey or layer on various fruits and grains. Get creative! And try this yogurt breakfast bowl recipe while you’re at it.

Smoothie bowls with various toppings and a bottle of Nate's organic honey surrounded by green leaves and flowers.


Creating a smoothie filled with nutrient-rich ingredients is a simple and delicious way to drink your vitamins and keep you feeling good. Try loading up on greens, fruit or protein and sweetening it up with some honey! Plus, smoothies are an easy grab-and-go snack.

A refreshing turmeric and ginger smoothie in a glass with a straw, alongside ingredients on a rustic wooden table.


Who says bagels are only for breakfast? You can top half a bagel with nut butter, honey and banana for a fiber- and protein-filled snack. Not only is it delicious, but it will keep your energy up even if you’re feeling down.

Bagel topped with green apple slices, cream cheese, slivered almonds and drizzled with honey, with Nate's honey bottle.

Be sure to select raw and unfiltered honey, like Nate’s Honey. Nate’s Honey is tested for a clean read of antibiotics and pesticides. If your honey’s got an orange label, it’s 100% pure with natural, sweet goodness!

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