Five Breakfast Recipes That Are Delicious But Unusual

At Nate’s, we really love breakfast. It jump-starts your day and provides you and your kiddos with the nutrients you need to tackle work, school and summer activities.

But sometimes breakfast can get overlooked when you’re meal planning or preparing for the week. It’s easy to rely on cereal, oatmeal, a smoothie or anything quick instead of putting together breakfast dishes. And don’t get us wrong! We love the quick classics. But breakfast has so much to offer.

Changing up your breakfast recipes is a great way to add some diversity into your meals. You can also incorporate more home cooked, natural foods by preparing breakfasts yourself. That way, you know that you’re getting nutrient-rich foods and unprocessed ingredients. Give these five unusual—but delicious—breakfast recipes a try and enjoy adding some excitement to your morning routine. Who knows, maybe you’ll even start to look forward to that alarm clock!


5 Breakfast Recipes that are delicious but unusual: OVERNIGHT SLOW COOKER FRENCH TOAST

Berry Bacon Breakfast Toast

This quick breakfast recipe uniquely combines berry and bacon for a sweet and savory take on toast. It’s perfect for those busy weekday morning when you need fast, yummy fuel. You can cook the bacon and slice the bread ahead of time. That way, in the morning, you can just assemble and enjoy!


Sweet Potato and Pancetta Baked Eggs

A delicious version of baked eggs, this recipe uses sweet potatoes as mini bowls and stuffs them with a protein-packed filling. With pancetta, cheese and chives it’s a savory dish with so many different nutritious foods! This recipe is perfect for a weekend brunch or a weekday breakfast.


Sweet Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

A plant-based protein bowl like this recipe is a well-balanced way to start the day. Mixing Greek yogurt, fruit, nuts, quinoa, raw and unfiltered honey, seeds and spices, this dish really packs in raw and natural foods. Plus it’s quick and filling and great for hot summer mornings!


Sweet Potato Waffles

Talk about an unusual approach to breakfast food! This Sweet Potato Waffle recipe takes sweet potato tots and transforms them into orange, fluffy waffles that you and your kids will love. Adding raw, unfiltered honey and fruit on top deliciously compliments the sweet potato flavor.


Overnight Honey Vanilla Slow Cooker French Toast

A make-ahead breakfast recipe? Yes, please. This Slow Cooker French Toast recipe takes some easy preparation but allows you to set it aside and come back to a gooey, tasty meal. It’s an ideal Sunday morning dish that can be ready for you and your family when you get home from church.


With these five unusual breakfast recipes, you can put a creative spin on your morning routine. By cooking more meals at home, you can make sure you’re getting raw and natural foods rather than processed ingredients. Get creative with your own unusual but delicious breakfast recipes and enjoy switching up your breakfast game!

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