4 Homemade-with-Honey Gifts

Some friends have their pretty little packages all in a row by now, or maybe you are that friend (in which case, major props!) One thing we all know, no matter how on-top-of-it we think we are, there’s always that one family member who has everything or that second cousin who shows up as a surprise Christmas dinner guest. Before you fa la la fall into the abyss of gift cards and store-bought cakes, check out these five gifts from the heart that you didn’t have to order before Thanksgiving. Not only are they easy on the holiday budget, but they provide a chance for the kids to be involved in the joyful spirit of giving this season.

Packets in cute wrapping: “We Whisk You a Merry Christmas”

To be honest, if we could buy our childrens’ teachers a seven-day Mediterranean cruise, we would because that’s what they truly deserve. Until we win the lottery, we are always on the lookout for simple but thoughtful signs of our gratitude, and teachers love when the little ones take part in their gift. In just three steps, pair festive bright orange honey packets with a colorful mini whisk and gather together with a punny tag. Try: “We Whisk You a Merry Christmas” for ultimate cheer.

Homemade honey scrubs

Baking isn’t for everyone, so for those who feel like a kitchen gadget only means more work, give them the gift of an at-home spa day. Most ingredients for these honey facials are already in your pantry plus a few additions you can order online or grab at your local health food store. The Golden Honey face mask is a good fit for most skin types, and with a 5- to 7-minute sitting recommendation, it’s practically an order to relax. A little rose water here, a little lemon juice there and you’ve got an all-natural beauty regimen fit for a queen (or king) without the triple digit price tag.

All-Natural No-Cook Chia Jams

When you need to let someone know they’re totally your jam, these no-cook spreads will do the trick. Flavors like spiced peach and blackberry lemon truly enhance the same-old, same-old for your breakfast lover or PB&J aficionado. Plus, who doesn’t love reaching for something in the fridge they didn’t have to make themselves? Take a break from gift-wrapping as the vibrant colors of fresh seasonal fruit shine through simple jars for an eye-popping presentation that tastes even better than it looks.

Honey Popcorn balls

Although a good old-fashioned popcorn trio tin makes a solid holiday gift, this gourmet twist on the classic giftable snack is a foodie’s favorite munchie minus all the who-knows-what processed stuff that goes into the classic version. Buttery toasted walnuts and sweet honey expertly balance tart cranberries. Top with a decadent drizzle of white chocolate (little hands can help with this part), and you’ve got your corn for popping – 24 baseball-sized treats to be exact!

Turns out, you’re more of a DIY gift pro than you thought! This way, you can go forth and be merry while steering clear of crowded shopping malls and picked-over aisles. Doing it yourself doesn’t have to mean more work, but it does always mean the gifts you give come with your special made-with-love trademark. And that’s much more valuable. Happy holidays from our hive to yours!

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