3 Simple and Better-For-You Meal Swaps This New Year

Breakfast spread with toast, fruit jam, berries and a bottle of Nate's Raw & Unfiltered Honey on a marble surface.

With all of that holiday cooking over with, you’re probably on the hunt for some easy and light recipes that are still winter-friendly. We’ve got just that!

Whether you’re scrambling to get the kids back to school or staying home on a snow day, these simple recipe swaps can be made with any kind of schedule. Plus they’re quick, delicious and full of real, unprocessed ingredients. Adding honey into your dishes is an easy way to eliminate processed sugar and maximize natural, real foods. Focusing on real ingredients in everything from drinks to dinners can make for an all-around, better-for-you diet. Replace away, dear honey lovers!

Honey Latte

Skip the drive-through line and the processed syrups by making your own latte at home. With this delicious iced honey latte recipe, you’ll cut out the processed sugar and keep in that sweet caffeine kick. Simply mix, pour into your favorite coffee mug and go! You can even add a little seasonal spice to your latte with this honey pumpkin spice recipe. (It’s always pumpkin spice season in our book.)

Creamy soup in a blue pot, ladle serving, topped with spices; logo of Nature Nate's in the corner.

White Chicken Chili

We love a warm bowl of chili on a winter night. With this white chicken chili recipe, you can have a comforting winter staple full of lighter ingredients. Using a rotisserie chicken makes this recipe super quick and easy. Plus it’s deliciously creamy and mild, making it both kid and parent approved!

Pectin-Free Jam

Whether you’re having warm biscuits on a weekend morning or a quick piece of toast while running out the door, this chia jam should be your best friend. It’s completely natural and can be made with all kinds of seasonal fruits and spices. You can mix and match to keep things interesting! Plus, this jam recipe lasts for up to a week. Try making it over the weekend and enjoy it all week long.

Focus on real, unprocessed ingredients this New Year. Start by picking up your bottle of Nate’s raw and unfiltered honey!


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