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Watermelon Cucumber Slushie

Watermelon slushies with lime, a bottle of Nate’s honey, and watermelon and cucumber slices on a marble counter.
If you’re looking for a refreshing drink to enjoy with your holiday brunch or on a warm day, we’ve got just the treat for you. Packed with watermelon, cucumber, honey and strawberries, this sweet drink might just become your new favorite way to enjoy watermelon.

Yield 4 Cups
Prep Time 15 Minutes
Total Time 15 Minutes

  • 5 cups diced seedless watermelon, plus a few slices for garnish
  • 1 cup peeled and chopped cucumber
  • 1 cup halved strawberries, plus 4 whole strawberries for garnish
  • 3 Tbsp Nate’s 100% Pure Honey
  • ¼ cup lime juice (about 2 medium-sized limes)
  • 11 fresh mint leaves
  • 1 cup ice
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Add watermelon, cucumber, 1 cup strawberries and honey to blender. Blend for 2 minutes.

Pour mixture through a fine mesh strainer into a pitcher. Use a spatula to scrape until all the juice is separated from pulp. Discard pulp. Pour juice back into blender, add lime juice, 2-3 mint leaves and ice. Blend for 30 seconds.

Pour into individual glasses and garnish each glass with 1 watermelon slice, 1 strawberry, and 2 mint leaves. Sip and enjoy!

Tip: Juice is good for 2 days in fridge if you want to make it ahead of time.


Want a watermelon pairing to go with your slushie?

Look no further than grilled watermelon pizza.

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