The Nate’s Difference

Beekeeper in protective suit with a honeycomb frame in a sunny field.

From humble beginnings, Nate’s has grown over the last couple decades into more than just a honey company. We’re made up of moms and dads, sons and daughters, who all care about providing quality food for our families. We understand the daunting task of preparing wholesome meals and snacks while trying to maintain the right work/life balance. Unless you’re able to pick your vegetables straight from the garden, it can be a struggle not knowing precisely what is in your food. That’s the difference with Nate’s honey, and why we have carefully crafted and perfected our process to bring you honey that you can trust is real and of the highest quality (and tastes pretty darn good, too).


Our honey is consistently a vibrant, dark amber color and has a bold-bodied flavor with a thick, flowing consistency. We’ve blended honey varieties sourced from trusted, industry-leading beekeepers all over the U.S. and the world to create our signature flavor. We test the pollen in each batch to identify the particular floral varietals which we blend to create a perfectly balanced, flavorful honey in every bottle.

Also, the good stuff is not filtered out from our honey. We take our time, gently warming the honey to a safe temperature, allowing it to flow into the bottles during the bottling process slowly. That way we ensure you get all the natural benefits of honey.

Nate's honey bottles on a production line in a bottling plant.


We want to ensure that the honey you receive is the same honey we put on our own families’ tables. That’s why we have developed longstanding and trusting relationships with our beekeepers. We have very strict quality control measures which include rigorously testing for a clean read free of antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and adulteration (using additives like corn syrup or rice).

Our in-house Quality Assurance team carefully inspects the color, moisture, acidity and gluten. Then we send our honey to a trusted lab to test the honey’s composition. They tell us, based on the pollen, what flower the honey came from. This helps us to provide a consistent blend in every Nate’s bottle. We’ve taken our sweet time to ensure each bottle contains honey that is 100% real, raw and unfiltered. Learn more about why it is so important to know where your honey comes from.

Two Nate's honey bottles on a shelf with a blurry background.


Every orange label you see is a promise that inside the bottle is the highest quality, raw and unfiltered honey. However, our mission doesn’t end right there on the shelf in the grocery store. The orange label is a promise that we support our planets’ MVP (Most Valuable Pollinator) through our programs like Long Live the Bees and Sustainability. It’s also a promise that we aim to help those in our community through our Honey Gives Hope program. Our honey helps us help others. It means that every time you choose the bottle with the orange label, we’re able to help others in need.


Our Instagram followers are no stranger to our honey-filled recipes and how-to videos. Our hive receives a steady stream of scrumptious photos, reminding us when it’s close to lunchtime (is your tummy grumbling?). They also know we just give away free honey!

We give away bottles of honey several times a month. So if you’re not already following us on Instagram, we think you’ll find it quite delightful (and mouthwatering). Follow us for a chance to win a bottle for your pantry! We also partner with other brands to bring you wholesome products like Kodiak Cakes and The Natural Citizen. Follow us @naturenates and keep an eye out for our next big giveaway – and good luck!

Relentless Quality.
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