Top Tricks for Fall Treats

Young girl in a pink superhero costume holding a Nature Nate's honey packet, standing against a wooden fence.

Between school parties, trick-or-treating and candy temptations on every grocery aisle, October can kick off a truly scary season for parents. While it’s practically impossible to avoid the occasional candy bar or sugary snack, we believe in moderation while not sacrificing any memory-making moments (the years goes by too fast!)

Here are our tips for realing in the hype of the season with natural whole foods that your kids will never guess are actually good for them.

Choose Real This Halloween

How’s this for a spooky Halloween fact? Between 3,500-7,000 calories worth of candy is collected by the average child on Halloween. Not that we think anyone should be counting calories when celebrating, but all that processed sugar usually comes with a dreadful crash.

We’re all fighting the sugar monster together while trying not to miss out on any of the fun – read on for simple ways to keep it real this season.

Green fruit cups stacked in a pyramid, decorated with Frankenstein faces for a fun Halloween treat.

Franken Fruit

The snack itself may look a little spooky, but there’s nothing scary in this creative after-school treat! Let the kids flex their artistic originality by sketching their own unique version of Frankenstein. Honey makes the green slime downright slurpable and is a natural raw energy boost to keep little spirits high. You may even be shocked at how excitedly they dig into something green.

Feel free to dress it up with fun toppings like chia seeds for added fiber!

Pumpkin spice cake pops with white icing and cinnamon, striped straws as sticks.

Pumpkin Spice Cake Balls

We usually try to save cake for after dinner, but in the case of these good-for-you goodies, we don’t have to. They’re everything you love about pumpkin spice rolled into one perfectly plump cake ball even your little ones can “bake.” That’s right – there’s no hot oven required.

No processed sugar in this fall palate pleaser, just 100% real honey and 100% real fun.

A child dressed in a superhero costume goes trick-or-treating, receiving candy from a person at a decorated front porch.

Honey Minis

What if your kids could enjoy a sweet taste but skip the crash? No tricks here; just treats! Our packets of raw & unfiltered honey have a lower glycemic effect than processed sugar, your kiddos can eat a sweet without a spike and crash.

If you’ve been keeping up with us for awhile, you know wholesome and delicious food is one of our favorite ways to savor special times. So, instead of beating yourself up over saying “yes” to another pack of sour gummies, just know that choosing real for your family is all about balance, and it starts with Nate’s Honey.

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