A Hope-Filled October

A volunteer group in pink shirts stands with a #GiveHOPE sign, surrounded by donation boxes.

At Nate’s, honey is our business but giving is our mission. We believe in sharing the many blessings we’ve been given with others. Honey allows us to do just that. Every October, our team is inspired when it comes to the way we love and serve our community. Breast Cancer Awareness is a movement near and dear to the heart of the Nate’s family. We recently sat down with Nathan Sheets, Founder and Chief Steward of Nate’s Honey Co. to hear more of the heart and mission behind the pink Hope-Filled honey bottles lining the store shelves this October.


An elderly woman laughing joyfully as Nature nate's man kisses her cheek outdoors.

What initially inspired the partnership between Nate’s Honey Co. and The National Breast Cancer Foundation?

My family personally dealt with breast cancer when my mom received her diagnosis 30+ years ago. It was something we weren’t expecting. As we journeyed the road of diagnosis, treatment and recovery, we began hearing of multiple friends who were coming in and out of cancer. It seemed to be everywhere.

The names and faces we met along the way developed in the Nate’s family a desire to drive awareness of this disease while also using the resources entrusted to us to help others with hope and healing. We learned of the mission behind The National Breast Cancer Foundation and formed a partnership that remains strong to this day.


 Open box with HOPE KIT, logo and pink tissue paper.

A packing party was recently hosted at the Honey Farm and 100 Hope Kits were assembled for women walking through the journey of cancer. Can you tell us about what is found in each box?

Hope Kits are designed to be messages of love to women during a time of great need. The Hope Kits allow us to serve these women in need on the front lines. Each box consists of Nate’s honey packets, tea, socks, lotion, a journal and several other items that NBCF has learned helped women throughout chemo. Additionally, a note of encouragement is also placed inside each gift to let the recipient know that a specific person prayed over the box as it was being filled and is thinking of them. I encourage my team to pray as they fill each box and ask the Lord to help whomever is receiving it feel the presence of His peace. These kits are tangible expression of others wanting to journey with them.


Assembly area with Nate's honey packets and promotional materials, ready to fill Hope Kits.

You once stated that, “The impact can be huge with just a little bit of effort.” Can you share what that statement means to you?

Absolutely. I am a firm believer that if everyone does their part and uses whatever is entrusted to them – big things can happen. The Hope Kits, although a seemingly small gift, represent something so much bigger. They provide comfort and are a symbol that a community of others, who the patient may never meet, are thinking of them, praying for them and offering them strength. The Hope Kits are indicative of what can be accomplished when people stand unified under a common goal.

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