Hope-Filled Honey

A bottle of Nate's honey centered in a heart-shaped arrangement of colorful wildflowers against a white background.

At Nate’s, honey is our business but giving is our mission. We believe in sharing the many blessings we’ve been given with others. Honey allows us to do just that.


Since the onset of Nate’s, Nathan Sheets has been giving back and helping those in need. He has a passion and talent not only for developing his business, but also for building up those around him and his community at large. Whether it is giving food to his employees or giving to Seed Effect in South Sudan, Nathan has often given back much more than he announces. Following his example, Nate’s decided to launch a giving program to reflect our company mission: Honey Gives Hope.

Honey Gives Hope is the heart of Nate’s. It goes much further than just our corporate giving program. It is a philosophy that we run our business by and that we strive to live by. We believe that honey is our means to help those in need. It allows our business to continue to grow so that we may give back to others in a way that is just like our honey: natural, pure, raw, and unfiltered.

The man Nature Nate signing a card on a table with pink boxes and Nate's honey minis, with people in the background.

We measure our success not just on what we achieve, but also on what we contribute. We strive to make sure we’re doing the most we can on a local and global level. Honey Gives Hope each time our employees dedicate volunteer hours to non-profits, each time we build a new partnership with a charitable organization, each time we build each other up and each time we give to those in need.

An elderly woman laughing joyfully as nature nates man kisses her cheek outdoors.

Nate with his mother, a breast cancer survivor


Honey Gives Hope has allowed us to partner with some incredible organizations. We’ve worked with National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Boy Scouts of America, I Am Second and many others. And each of these partnerships is unique and close to our heart.

For example, last October we partnered with National Breast Cancer Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Inspired by Nathan’s mother, a breast cancer survivor, we led a social media campaign encouraging others to share stories of hope. Our employees assembled Hope Kits for breast cancer patients and we created a special pink-label Hope Filled Honey to further raise awareness.

Pamphlets reading HOPE KIT on a tray, with a message of encouragement for breast cancer treatment.

Following our passion for mothers and families, this past Mother’s Day we donated to 10 women’s shelters across the country. We’ve contributed to the Samaritan Inn, the only homeless shelter in Collin County, Texas, and sponsored building their basketball court. With Deer Run Camps in Tennessee, we’ve helped fund a new building and finance a dining hall.

Here at Nate’s we strive to provide families with the assistance they need no matter the cause. Whether it’s donating resources to charitable organizations or providing your family with wholesome ingredients, we’re here to help. We work hard to sell honey so that we can give back and make a difference in people’s lives. Not the other way around. The next time you buy our product, know that supporting Nate’s allows our honey to give hope to others.

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