6 Summertime Sweets to Cooldown

Vanilla ice cream cones in jars with a bottle of Nate's honey and an ice cream scoop on a wooden table.

No matter how old you are, you’re never too grown up to enjoy an icy cool summertime treat. If you’ve ever anxiously watched the hours-long churn of an ice cream machine, you know there’s nothing better than that first long-awaited bite of homemade creamy deliciousness.

We’ve uncovered not only quicker ways to make cool treats, but ways that let you skip the processed sugar in favor of naturally sweet ingredients, like 100% pure honey. In fact, six other ways! From fruit-filled sorbets, to dairy-free milkshakes, to unexpected foodie-inspired flavors from entirely whole ingredients, enjoy the homemade experience in the comfort of your own home for a clean sweet treat the whole family can make and eat together.

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