5 Ways to Reuse Your Honey Bottle

Hand holding a bottle of Nate's honey against a gray wooden backdrop.

There’s always that little bit of honey left in the bottle that honey-lovers like us are pained to see go to waste. We’ve gathered 4 of our favorite ways to repurpose your near-empty  Nate’s bottle that puts that last little bit to good use!

BONUS: Make use of the best-kept secret about our bottle. The cap has a no-mess valve that suctions that one pesky drop that somehow sneaks away and makes a sticky mess.

1. Become a Pancake Artist

Pancakes with berries on plates, coffee cups, and Nate's honey bottle on a table.


Always wanted to have the coordination to make animal-shaped pancakes on Saturday morning? Take advantage of the control you have with a honey bottle that doubles as storage for the mix you don’t use! Incorporate the honey left in the bottle and try these grainless, pink paleo pancakes!

2. Guilt-free Salad Dressing

Salad ingredients, dressing, and a Nate's honey bottle on a wooden surface.

Did you know most salad dressings at the grocery store contain refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup? Make your own salad dressing with real ingredients like this not too sweet, not too sour honey vinaigrette.

3. BBQ Sauce

A row of assorted homemade spreads in jars with a bottle of raw honey, against a white brick wall.

Calling all grill masters! Ever tried honey in your BBQ sauce? You won’t be able to go without next time. Did you know that BBQ sauce made with Nate’s honey has actually won an award? Check out these simple grilling sauces to refill your honey bottle with goodness.

4. Natural Beauty Products

A woman at a bathroom sink with a bottle of Nate's honey, looking in the mirror.

We love all opportunities for DIY beauty because protecting what goes on our skin is just as important as what goes in our bodies and raw honey’s natural properties are a great complement to your skincare routine. Try it out with these 3 raw honey facials when you get that much-needed alone time (the 16oz bottle fits really well in a medicine cabinet too!).

5. Homemade Ketchup

Ketchup pouring into a bowl on a white background.

Check out this delicious recipe for some at-home ketchup. As a big bonus: making your condiments at home allows you to use honey instead of processed sugar in the recipe. Learn more about the nutrients found in honey (spoiler alert: sugar has none).

If you’re not planning to reuse your Nate’s honey bottle, make sure you recycle it!

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