3 Irresistible PB & Honey Snacks

Parfaits in clear glasses with berries and bananas, with a bottle of Nate's honey and flowers in the background.

Give us a spoon, a bottle of Nate’s Honey and a jar of peanut butter, and we’ve got all we need for a protein-packed sweet snack. If you’re looking for a bit more from your go-to honey and PB snack recipes, we’ve got that covered too.

Swap the spoon for your favorite crackers. Whether they’re gluten-free, a new crisp or a classic bite, simply spread the peanut butter on a cracker, drizzle with honey and top with another cracker for a quick, 3-ingredient crunch.

For more protein and pops of color, create a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Parfait. Or add a little pizazz to your snacking with a Honey Peanut Butter Panini. These fun and easy recipes with natural ingredients will make filling bites that are hard to resist.

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