Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Hot Honey

Pepperoni and jalapeno pizza with a bottle of Nate’s hot honey with a red cap on a wooden board.

We’re comin’ in hot with a sweet heat that is sure to become your new favorite pantry staple: Nate’s Hot Honey. Made with 100% pure honey and infused with hot chili pepper, Nate’s Hot Honey adds a kick to pizza, cocktails, toast, barbecue recipes, veggies, salad dressing, biscuits and more.

If you are looking to add a zing to your daily drizzle, this spicy honey truly adds mouth-watering flavor to any dish or drink. If you are ready to heat up the kitchen, we’re sharing our top 5 ways to enjoy Nate’s Hot honey. Enjoy!

  1. Fire up your pizza and flatbread. Turn pizza night from drab to fab with a generous drizzle of hot honey on your favorite slice. We especially love adding hot honey to a classic pepperoni pizza or a veggie-loaded flatbread.
  2. Add a “voila!” to veggies. Grill or roast your veggies in hot honey, and you won’t believe how it transforms a dish. The sweet and spicy honey creates a candy-like coating and tastes delicious with Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, asparagus and more. Repeat after us: next level veggies!
  3. Spice up your cocktail. Spicy marg, anyone? With hot honey, you can naturally sweeten your drinks and add a touch of spice all in one step, so you can spend less time stirring and shaking and more time sipping. It’s a win-win.
  4. Brighten brunch. Add an unexpected twist to traditional brunch favorites such as bacon, biscuits, avocado toast, salads and more. Wake up your taste buds by drizzling on top of cheese and toast, grapefruit, or yogurt for a delectable morning bite.
  5. Turn up the heat on dessert. With hot honey, there are no rules. In fact, the sweet and spicy flavors of hot honey perfectly compliment classic desserts such as chocolate brownies or plain cheesecake. Not sure where to start? Try adding a drizzle on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. You won’t regret it.

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