Nate’s Spreads Sweet Message of Hope with 2023 Donations

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It’s in our nature to share, and we’re honored to give in a way that’s as pure as the honey we bottle. We want to provide families with more ways to enjoy pure honey, which is why it was an honor to make financial and honey donations to more than 25 non-profit organizations across the country in 2023 through our giving initiative, Honey Gives Hope. 

“Nate’s is known for our pure honey and iconic, orange-labeled honey bottles, and at the heart of our business is the act of sharing our blessings with others,” said Nathan Sheets, Founder and CEO of Nate’s. “Honey is delicious, and it’s even sweeter knowing that our business is driven by more than the bottom line. We’re more committed than ever to making an impact throughout the country.”   

As part of the Honey Gives Hope program, Nate’s prioritized financial giving with intentional, thoughtful partnerships throughout 2023. For the eighth year in a row, Nate’s donated financially to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Nate’s also supported Kids’ Meals, Inc., with its annual Mother’s Day donation, and The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation with back-to-school support and event sponsorships that drive awareness, enable advocacy and fund support for the 1.6 million Americans living with Type 1 diabetes. 

To honor National Honey Month this past September, Nate’s also supported honey bee and pollinator research at the leading institutions of Cornell University, University of California, Davis and University of Texas at Dallas. Because healthy bees sustain our ecosystems and the best honey starts with healthy hives, Nate’s is deeply passionate about its long-standing, research-driven partnerships that shape bee health and the beekeeping industry for the better. 

“As the honey leader, it’s an honor to support a variety of causes close to our heart, from researchers protecting bees to non-profit organizations that do so much good for kids, families and communities,” Sheets said. “We’re grateful to our fans who are loyal to Nate’s and who allow us to make an impact beyond the bottle, especially providing individuals and families with the enjoyment of the all-natural sweetness of pure honey.” 

With a goal of providing access for people who would otherwise not receive pure honey, Nate’s also donated more than 10,000 pounds of honey to over 25 food banks, food pantries and other non-profit organizations in the U.S., including: Northwest Arkansas Food Bank, North Country Food Alliance, Houston Food Bank and Los Angeles Food Bank. 

With Honey Gives Hope, Nate’s also contributes through long-standing partnerships and demands-based response initiatives. For more information, visit: 


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