Hot Honey for Spring

Two glasses of watermelon cocktail with salted rims, lime, watermelon slices and a bottle of Nate’s hot honey.

Warmer weather means more time to enjoy the simple things in life: spending time outdoors, eating more fresh produce and enjoying time with loved ones. As you zip into the spring and summer months, here are a few ways Nate’s Hot Honey can add a kick to your favorite dishes and drinks to make this season one to remember:  

Drizzle on veggies. With spring in full bloom, add a sweet and spicy drizzle to your daily produce. Add Nate’s to veggie dips, drizzle on roasted zucchini and sweet potatoes or top on a fresh green salad for a surprising and flavorful way to liven your day.  

Fire up the protein. Dust off the grill and bring the heat to outdoor cooking and dining. Drizzle Nate’s Hot Honey directly onto your protein of choice and add to marinades to create the perfect caramelized sear on chicken thighs, salmon, steaks and more. We especially love hot honey drizzled over bacon for that ultimate crispy, sweet and spicy bite! 

Mix into cocktails or mocktails. Grab your friends and “Cheers” to spring with a refreshing cocktail or mocktail with a twist like our Spicy Watermelon Margarita or Sweet and Spicy Bloody Mary .

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