Bringing Halloween Home

Crowded streets and chaotic trick-or-treating are so Halloween 2019, right? If you’re looking to scale back with some social distancing or add special memories to your day, an at-home holiday can be super fun. This year, bring Halloween fun to your own backyard!

Everyone’s favorite spooky holiday falls on the weekend this year, creating the perfect opportunity to make a whole day out if it. Kick off the morning with spider web pancakes and family fun in the form of two free printable activities – pumpkin coloring and finger puppets. Let everyone show off their brilliant costumes with a backyard photo booth, and surprise them with a silly-themed snack board.

Between all this fun, the kids might forget trick-or-treating all together, but they can always ring your doorbell for giggles or set up multiple stations in the backyard or in the house to get the full effect. Our favorite Halloween offering? Nate’s honey minis of course. They’re mess-free, easily squeezable and 100% real for a yummy trick-free basket. We may not be hitting the streets, but we can still make Halloween at home a treat!

Sticky Spider Pancakes

A themed breakfast will set the tone for a day of family fun. All you need for these spooky spider web pancakes is a squeeze bottle and a touch of creativity. Let the kids design their own web for extra fun!

Spooky Snack Board

Having a few pairs of googley eyes in your back pocket makes pulling together this wholesome snack board a breeze. Choose your favorite Halloween cookie cutters, and whip up our popular honey brownies.

Backyard DIY Photo Booth

Don’t let Halloween at home stop you from showing off your costume. Grab a frame at your local thrift store, decorate it to your liking, and strike a pose!

Pumpkin Full of Packets

So you carved your pumpkin, now what? Get a second use out of it, and fill it with our favorite no-trick Halloween treat – Nate’s honey minis. You’ll feel good knowing the kids are enjoying 100% natural goodness.

Printable Pumpkin Coloring

Calm coloring time is the perfect counter activity to what is usually a candy-fueled sugar high. Grab some crayons and give everybody some time to exhale while they design their unique pumpkin creation.

Printable Finger Puppets

It’s Halloween – your fingers need costumes too! Print these fun and free finger puppets, and get into character.

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