A People Person: A Behind the Scenes Q&A with Cristy Scott

Female Nate's employee smiling in a black ruffled blouse against a stone wall.

The men and women that comprise Nate’s Honey Co. are beautifully diverse in every way. We are moms and dads. Sons and daughters. Faithful teammates and strong leaders. Choose Real advocates and Long Live the Bees promoters. We are proud to say that we are more than just a label.

We recently sat down with Cristy Scott, Chief People Officer at Nate’s Honey Co., to learn how she serves such a varied and ever-growing team.

Q: How would you describe your role on the Nate’s team?

A: I have the honor of leading the People team at Nate’s. This team is comprised of a small group of extremely talented people that have a sincere focus on people. We function as a traditional HR team with a creative spin. We place our focus on supporting our people internally while maintaining the unique culture that is Nate’s.

Q: As a company, we strive to be leaders in educating consumers on why choosing raw and unfiltered honey over processed sugar is important as well as setting the highest quality standards in our field. What strides do you see us making to ensure both of these goals are met?

A: From an educational perspective, our marketing team does an excellent job on informing our consumers on not only on the benefits of Nate’s raw & unfiltered honey, but also how to make wise decisions that support not only their personal lifestyle, but their families as well. Our quality and safety programs are aligned in a powerful way so as to keep our people safe and our food standards high. We will not put anything on the shelf that we wouldn’t first put on our own tables. That’s what makes us special.

Q: The Nate’s family implements a set of core values called the Bee Attitudes. Is there a specific attitude you strive to implement?

A: Being part of the People team challenges me to live out all of the Bee Attitudes on a daily basis. If we desire to be a team that leads by example, we must be willing to grow in each individual value. If I must choose only one, I would choose Bee Loving because of our focus on being caring, kind and loving toward our employees and their families comes first.

Q: Nathan has stated, “This company is driven by more than the bottom line — we measure success not just by what we achieve, but also by what we contribute.” How do you see this play out not only in your role on the team, but also in the life of the company?

A: I have the privilege of seeing what goes on behind the scenes at Nate’s and the way we give to both external organizations as well as internal employees. I have served in a variety of companies and can honestly say the way in which we give rivals any big company. Something you might not know is that we provide personal and spiritual support for each employee through our chaplain program as well as other unique growth opportunities. I am proud to serve a company that truly lives out what it believes.

Q: What is something you want people to know about Nate’s that they might not know from just looking at our orange label?

A: People might not know how many talented people are behind the orange label. We are small in number, but mighty in ability. We are humble yet driven. We are able to accomplish a lot with a few. That is a great quality for any organization to have and I am honored to serve in the capacity I do.

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