Where Does Nate’s Source Its Honey?

Multiple bottles of Nate’s honey arranged in a diagonal pattern on a bright orange background.

We may be biased, but we think honey is the best all-natural sweetener. But being an all-natural sweetener, not manufactured by humans, means that honey will vary slightly from season to season. Like other foods that go from farm to table, the honey crop’s taste, color, thickness and other physical attributes vary beyond Nate’s and the bees’ control. Typical agricultural factors such as precipitation and temperature changes, affect honey production.

Nate’s 100% Pure Honey is carefully crafted by blending different honey varietals to create the consistent flavor you love. Just as you trust us to provide best-tasting honey, you can always trust us to provide you with the highest-quality 100% pure, raw & unfiltered honey.

To do this, we uphold strict sourcing, testing and bottling standards and are proud to lead the industry in our honey processes. To learn where your Nate’s honey is sourced, simply read the back label or check the source stamp on your cap or etched into the bottle. To learn more about Nate’s strict standards, check out our pure food guarantee at www.naturenates.com/purity-guarantee.

Back of Nate's honey bottle showing nutritional facts and instructions on finding the honey's source.

Each of our blends is sourced from different places for different reasons to meet your specific honey needs. Here’s how we select the honey you can’t live without:

  • Classic Honey – The blend that started it all is our most recognized honey – by both our fans and taste-testers like ChefsBest®. We combine light and dark, sweet and bold, high-quality U.S. and international varietals to craft this bee-loved and award-winning blend.
  • Organic Honey – Fun Fact: The USDA will not certify honey sourced from the continental U.S. as organic. Although our quality standards are the same for the honey in our classic blend, we source our organic honey from trusted international beekeeper partners to ensure we meet USDA organic standards. We’re proud to earn the USDA organic certification, and we think you’ll enjoy this honey’s robust floral taste.
  • Regional Honey – We chose a select few areas to bottle regional honey blends where there is ample honey that meets our standards for taste and quality. Our regional blends are crafted with honey sourced from those regions. Our California and Florida blends are honeys sourced 100% from these states. Our Texas, Georgia and Louisiana blends combine honey from these states with other floral sources from the U.S. to enhance the flavor and create a regional taste you’ll love.

No matter which Nate’s blend you enjoy, know that all our honeys meet strict testing standards to ensure every bottle of honey is as simple and pure as it is straight from the hive. Our honey undergoes testing for additives such as rice and corn syrup, as well as pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics. We are committed to quality, and we are proud to put Nate’s on your family’s table as well as ours.

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