What Our Mothers Teach Us

A black and white photo of two women embracing in a heartfelt hug, one holding a large bouquet of flowers.

This Mother’s Day, the women at Nate’s reflect on their inspiring mothers’ role in shaping who they are and how they lead loving, fulfilling lives.

At Nate’s, we’re much more than a bright orange label. We’re mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, creators and thinkers, faith followers and nature lovers. We strive each and every day to do things for families in need and to take care of our own families too.

From our partnership with The National Breast Cancer Foundation to our Very Giving Mother’s Day, we strive to be impactful with the resources entrusted to us.

Filling our world with inspiration, joy, love, wisdom, strength and so much more, moms deserve our praise this Mother’s Day—and every other day! We’re constantly inspired by the mothers who work here at Nate’s, and we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what their mothers taught them.

So, here’s to you, mom. Thank you for all you do.

Standing Strong

Our moms teach us to be strong, resilient people through meaningful life lessons and setting inspiring examples.

Lindsey Borja:

My mom was a single mother until I was 13 years old, and from a very early age, she taught me how to be a strong and independent woman. She showed me every day what unconditional love meant, and I was always the “sunshine” in her life.  She taught me throughout life that no one can tear me down or take away my passion or self-worth and to always stand strong but love unconditionally.  Most importantly, she taught me compassion for others and to be humble. I can only hope to be the woman that she is and the mother that she is.

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Christie Rosario:

My mom has always been my backbone and the woman I have looked up to all of my life. She is the reason I am who I am today, and I thank her for that. When I told her that I couldn’t stay with my ex-husband, she told me to choose what I felt was right, and that no matter which decision I made, she would support me. And she has. Her words stick with me always: “Mija, cry. Be sad for a bit, but never feel sorry for yourself. You’re a strong woman, because you come from me, my mother and her mother. So, pick yourself up and keep going.” So, I do. I thank you, mom, for being there for us and helping me become the woman I am today.

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Generous Love

By giving to others and loving with their whole hearts, our mothers teach us how to be generous in our love for others.

Becca May:

My mom has a seemingly never-ending capacity to serve others. She is selfless with her time and energies to support our family, friends, neighbors and complete strangers whenever there is a need. She is truly an angel on earth.

Two women posing for a photo together, one in a black top, the other in a floral top, both smiling.

Julie Matthews:

My mother is giving and always tries to help. She is very dependable and loves my kids well.

Lisa Lalani:

My mom loved her children fiercely and gave her whole heart to mothering.

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Taylor Johnson:

There are many things I love about my mom – her uncompromised goodness, her quiet strength, her unbelievable green thumb, her slightly rebellious need for speed – but it is her unconditional love and support that I cannot appreciate enough. From her mom and dad, to my dad, brother and I, to my husband and our sons, her greatest joy and our greatest gift is the love she shares with us and everyone else we call family.

A mother and young daughter dressed in vintage attire, with the child holding a purse, capture a moment from a bygone era.

Faith in Action

In leading by example and encouraging church and prayer, our mothers show us how to live a life filled with faith, not only in our beliefs but in our actions too.

Amy Forse:

My mom continues to encourage me to live a life worthy of the gospel of Christ, and I feel blessed to call her my mom!

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Liz Steckel:

My mom is the epitome of strength, grace and faith in action. She believed from an early age that God was capable of changing any story and that where you start in life doesn’t have to be where you finish. Her passion for life, Jesus and family is contagious. I can truly say I would not be the woman I am today without her influence and support.

A happy moment with a grandmother and three young children, one a baby, engaged in reading a colorful book together.

Wise Words

From what to do in challenging life moments to how to make that delicious recipe, our moms have the wisdom for every situation.

Haley Neid:

My mom was (and still is) so good about gently guiding me through wisdom while still giving me complete freedom to make up my own mind. She taught me the importance of reading and learning as much as possible to make my own educated opinions and avoid rolling with the tide.

Two joyful women smiling, one holding a bouquet, creating a cherished memory together.

Amy Forse:

My mom is what you might picture when you envision a classic movie star living in modern-day society– full of grace and poise, patience and tact, generosity and knowledge. I’ve spent much of my adult life attempting to emulate the way she so intentionally loves and lives, mostly falling short of that goal. She’s taught me so much about life: avoid parallel parking at all costs, how to spell ‘necessary,’ eating cookie dough while baking cookies is called ‘quality control.’ And she taught me more important things like never shying away from a picture with your kids, giving handwritten notes as often as possible and the power of prayer. I am so very grateful for these lessons and the many others she’s taught me.

Thank You, Mom

Moms are tough. They’re strong, resilient women who teach others how to lead a life from a place of rooted strength. They’re patient and kind even when the kids are screaming; they show up the next day after monitoring a fever all night long; they remember what foods we like even with twelve thousand things going on; they give life and love; they teach us to be strong, loving, faith-filled women and men. Moms are true warriors among us, and we’re so blessed to have them in our lives.

Thank you to all of the mothers out there. We’re so grateful for all that you do and hope that you’re deeply celebrated this Mother’s Day. You deserve it.

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