Top Honey Predictions for 2023

Honey is having a moment. It’s not only the fastest growing sweetener sub-category over the last 5 years1, but it’s also the most used sweetener for Gen Z and Millennials2, according to a 2022 Mintel Report. Outside the home, honey incidence on restaurant menus is up 26% this year, indicating an uptick in the number of honey dishes on a menu, according to  Datassential’s 2022 Menu Tracker Study.

Thanks to data-supported projections for long-term growth3, it’s clear that the demand for pure, delicious honey isn’t just trendy it’s also here to stay. Here are the top 6 predictions for how honey will be used in the new year and beyond:

1. Never Bored of Boards. 2022 brought us the beauty of butter boards and let’s face it, a gorgeous spread will always be on trend. Because pure honey instantly elevates a simple charcuterie board, we expect to see more unexpected ways to take your honey-inspired boards to the next level such as a honey cream cheese board, holiday-centric boards and European-like sweet and savory breakfast boards (complete with honey and comb).An assortment of meats, cheeses, crackers, nuts and fruits on a wooden charcuterie board with dips and honey in bowls.

2. Demand for Functional Foods. If your mom said to take a spoonful of honey to combat an incessant cough, she was probably right. Research published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine suggests this old remedy is good for coughs – which is why medicine manufacturers like Zarbees are incorporating pure honey into their products for the betterment of all. In our post-pandemic era, we all want to stay healthy so demand for functional foods like honey that can support gut health, soothe a sore throat and promote antibiotic and antiviral properties will only increase. A jar of Nate’s New Zealand manuka honey UMF 10+ with cups of tea and lemon slices on a yellow background.

3. Honey for Caramelizing Meats and Veggies. Pure magic happens when the all-natural sugars in honey are introduced to heat. Throughout the next year, we’ll continue seeing at-home cooks and professional chefs reach for 100% pure honey to create the perfect caramelized sear on chicken thighs, salmon, pork roasts and steaks and a delicious, sweet crisp to starch-heavy veggies like potatoes, butternut squash and carrots.Seasoned, honey-glazed salmon fillets on a baking sheet,
 ready for cooking.

4. Vintage Recipes Are Back. Demand for nostalgic eats is at an all-time high as reported by Better Homes and Gardens with #vintagerecipes already reaching 31.3 million views on TikTok. Recipes your great-grandma used to make are given a new life with remixed versions of Cherry Turnovers and Honey Buns – all made with pure honey and no processed sugar. A bread roll topped with dripping honey 
on a blue tiled countertop.

5. Sweet & Spicy Is Hotter than Ever. According to the Datassential’s 2022 Menu Tracker Study, the hot honey flavor craze is just heating up. Fried chicken sandwiches and boneless wings made with the popular sweet and spicy sweetener are listed among the fastest-growing dishes nationwide. Jump on the trend at home by trying hot honey drizzled on top of pizza, added to cocktails and with a slice of avocado toast.Pepperoni and jalapeño pizza on a wooden board with a bottle of Nate’s hot honey and a striped napkin beside it.

6. Purposely Premium. Pantries have wish lists, too. When it comes to selecting pantry staples, it’s more important than ever to choose premium single-ingredient products when it matters the most. As families navigate an inflationary economy, many are making more intentional decisions on where to invest their weekly grocery budgets. Premium products in key categories like honey not only provide excellent taste but elevate private label essentials with added nutrition and a purity guarantee, so you can feel good feeding it to your family.A child focusing intently while squeezing a pouch of Nate's organic honey onto a plate of sliced apples.

Around the Nate’s Farm, we like to say “Bees make honey. We just make cool bottles.” And while these fun trends bring new shoppers into the honey category, there is so much that goes into bringing honey to your local (or online!) grocery store. Every day we are grateful for our beekeeper partners, who continue to overcome challenges in an inflationary economy and dry farming season, to ultimately make it possible to supply 100% pure honey for your table.

1. Mintel Sugar and Alternative Sweeteners – US – 2022
2. Kantar/Mintel Survey of 1,795 people who had used a sweetener in the last month asked the question: “Which of the following types of sweeteners have you used in the past month Please select all that apply.”; Mintel Sugar and Alternative Sweeteners – US – 2022
3. Mintel Sugar and Alternative Sweeteners – US – 2022

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