Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Whipped Honey

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Two words: Whipped. Honey. Equal parts velvety and versatile, whipped honey is not only a trendy, modern twist on your favorite sweetener but also a pantry essential.

Crafted by gently spinning our best-tasting, raw & unfiltered honey, Nate’s Whipped Honey is a naturally creamy, spreadable treat that can be enjoyed every day. It’s the perfect consistency to smear on anything that needs an added layer of sweetness. To inspire you to try whipped honey in your kitchen, we’ve rounded up our top 5 ways to enjoy this delectable treat. Enjoy!

A variety of snacks including cheese, fruit, and crackers, with a bottle of Nate's whipped honey cinnamon.

  1. Transform your toast. There’s no doubt that magic happens when Nate’s Whipped Honey is paired with warm, flaky bread. To truly take your toast to the next level, try layering on bananas, avocado or almonds for a delightful morning meal.
  2. Make your cup extra creamy. Measure a perfect spoonful for your tea or coffee, and watch the natural sweetness melt as you stir.
  3. Add pizazz to pancakes. Ditch processed sweeteners, and add whipped honey atop pancakes, waffles, English muffins or even cinnamon rolls for a naturally sweet layer.
  4. Say goodbye to cheese bored. When you add Nate’s Whipped Honey to your charcuterie board, your friends and family will say you are brie-lliant! Try mixing up a variety of combos of your favorite cheese, whipped honey and assorted nuts or toppings. Trust us, it doesn’t get any cheddar than this.
  5. We whip. You dip. Look no further for the perfect dip for your favorite fruit and salty snacks. Try using Nate’s Whipped Honey to dip strawberries, crackers, soft pretzels, chicken strips and more. The options are truly endless!

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