Sweeten Your Day with Simple Honey Pairings

Tea set with clear teapot, two cups, honey bottle, and infuser on a white marble table and subway tile background.

It shouldn’t be surprising that at Nate’s we eat honey every day! It’s delicious, and this all-natural gift from the honey bees, is a nutritious and satisfying way to sweeten your favorite foods. Here are a few of our favorite no-fuss ways to enjoy the benefits of nutritive, highest-quality honey all day long:  


In the Morning. Get a jump-start on your day with a sweet, all-natural boost. Drizzle honey into a cup of coffee, top on toast and add to a cup of Greek yogurt.  

In the Afternoon. Is there anything better than a peanut butter and honey sandwich? We don’t think so! Try pairing this classic combo with a side of sliced green apples and honey for a yummy snack. 

In the Evening. Wind down in the evening with a calming cup of tea sweetened with honey, or satisfy a late-night sweet tooth with a scoop of ice cream with a honey drizzle.  

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