Supper on a Skewer

We’re always on the hunt for easy and delicious meals to feed our families (and friends when we’re not social distancing). It’s a big bonus if they’re mess-free! There’s one-pot pasta dinners and sheet pan suppers, but we have another front-runner dinner that may require even fewer dishes – the skewer!

For the meat lovers, you’ll find kabob combos stacked high with juicy lean protein. For something more vegetarian-friendly, a colorful vegetable-only option may shock you with how quickly your kids devour veggies. Pick any combination of these recipes, add 100% pure honey and you can feed your entire family with a wholesome dinner on a stick. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? That’s right, no pots and pans to clean means no fighting over dish duty!

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Ridiculously Good Taste.
Confidently, the Most Trusted Honey.