Sleigh the Holiday Together

Something special about the holiday season, besides all the yummy food, is the eager anticipation of long-standing family traditions. Some of our favorite activities include sipping hot cocoa around an open fire (extra marshmallows, please), adorning the Christmas tree with handmade ornaments, baking classic chocolate chip cookies to leave out for Santa, and excitedly digging through stockings together on Christmas morning.

This year, we’re adding two fun DIY activities to the mix. To let the kids flex their creativity, we’ve come up with design-your-own Christmas ornaments and tree projects. Bonus: They can hang this unbreakable one on the tree all by themselves! Speaking of, you can leave your treasured Christmas Village on the high-up shelf this year and showcase your family’s very own picturesque holiday scene – one that they can actually play with.

Maybe you’re still searching for a tradition to be your family’s own special “thing,” which can be a lot of pressure! Creating cherished memories doesn’t require endless money or creativity – all you need is quality time together to truly experience the spirit of the season.