PB & Honey Pairings

A snack setup with star-shaped sandwich skewers, peanut butter, Nate’s honey bottle and fresh strawberries on a board.

There’s no better match than the classic pairing of peanut butter and honey. We can’t get enough of this delicious duo! When it comes to PB & honey, the options are truly endless – here are a few ways you can enjoy it any time of day. 

Spread on Bread 

Is there anything more quintessential than a PB & Honey Sandwich? We don’t think so! Pack on the protein by spreading peanut butter on a slice of your favorite crusty bread, biscuit or rice cake. Add drizzle of sweetness with Nate’s pure honey. Enjoy on its own or add bananas and chia seeds for a delightful presentation and added nutrients.  

Pair with Fresh Fruit 

We love pairing peanut butter and honey with our favorite summer fruits – like these Honey Peanut Butter Sandwich Skewers with Strawberries. Try mixing peanut butter and honey and use as an impromptu fruit dip or pair with a banana for a quick snack or breakfast on-the-go.  

Mix with Chocolate 

Take peanut butter & honey to the next level by adding chocolate. This combo is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!  We adore our Chocolate & Honey PB Bars and Honey Peanut-Ella. We also like to top frozen yogurt with PB, honey and chocolate for an effortless dessert. Enjoy! 

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