Nature Nate’s Sponsors Student Art Exhibit to Inspire Creativity and Passion for Arts Education

MCKINNEY, TX, December 6, 2016 – As part of their commitment to grow to give, Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw & Unfiltered Honey will sponsor and host a gallery show at Uplift Williams Preparatory school in West Dallas, exhibiting original art inspired by Nature Nate’s.

Nature Nate’s executive team will serve as judges, reviewing original artwork by AP students, designed to capture the essence of the Nature Nate’s brand and teach young people about creativity in the workplace.

Nature Nate’s will award three artists with prize money for the purchase of art supplies, furthering access to artistic expression and encouraging the pursuit of artistic endeavors.

“The industriousness and creativity of honey bees has always been fascinating and led me to start this company and I believe young minds are similarly inspiring. Their creative possibilities are endless,” said Nathan Sheets, Nature Nate’s founder and Chief Steward. “Everything we do for young people is designed to foster and provide forum for this inspiration.”

Nature Nate’s hopes that this partnership will help motivate students interested in pursuing a college degree that largely involves art: “Many young adults may believe that they must pursue traditional paths, but pursuing an art-related degree opens many doors that some students may have never considered,” continued Sheets.

The AP studio art class is made up of 18 students with varying artistic practices, including painters, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers and graffiti artists. Each student has a passion for the visual arts which they hope to pursue in college.

The exhibit will host friends and family of the students, as well as members of the Nature Nate’s team, who will be inspiring hope and creativity among the participating artists, and informing them of the importance art and graphics play in brand management. Nature Nate’s will post photos of the winning entries following the exhibition.

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