Nate’s Brand Ambassador Program

Nate's honey bottle on a table with decorative pumpkins and green leaves, hinting at autumn vibes.

Earlier this year we launched our brand ambassador program, and it’s left many wanting to know more. So here is everything you need to know about the Nate’s Honeybee Team:

Who are they?

Our brand ambassadors are our biggest fans. A lot of our ambassadors have been loyal followers and supporters since the beginning. They are always following the latest news from the farm, trying out the newest products, testing our new recipes, and/or sending us feedback to help us grow. They have always been our hype (wo)men for the brand, we just decided to make it official by equipping them with product to share and swag to show off.

What does it entail?

Our ambassadors are a big part of the heart of our company. They are out and about in their communities sharing our product with their friends, neighbors, even their mailman! They are educating others on the importance of choosing real food, and knowing the difference between what’s real, raw and unfiltered honey and what’s not.

What are the benefits?

As members of the program, they receive exclusive access to an online community to swap stories, share recipes, and hear about our latest announcements and product releases. We also offer up fun challenges with prizes to our busiest honey bees.

How do you become an ambassador?

Submit your name and email to the ambassador interest page and we will contact you when we are taking new applications.

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