More than Just a Sale

A smiling man in a park wearing a shirt with 100% PURE GOODNESS Nature Nate's Honey Co.

At Nature Nate’s Honey Co., we believe there’s a story behind every bottle, every person, and every sale. Authentic relationships with our honey consumers and retail customers are a driving force for why we do what we do and how we serve those around us.

Meet Tim, Sales Specialist with Nature Nate’s Honey Co.

Q: How would you describe your role on the Nature Nate’s team?

The heartbeat of my role is to build relationships within sales and the honey category. I do that by pursuing potential new honey retail customers and growing existing retail customers by showing them why Nature Nate’s is truly America’s favorite brand. Since we are the most-trusted honey company, we strive to uphold a high standard where we see people as people and not just a sale. Integrity, honesty, and passion are a big deal to us, and they’re a big deal to me.

A person's hands packing a HOPE KIT box with various items including Nate’s honey minis.

Q: As a company, we strive to be leaders, whether in honey, on our team, or in our community. How do you see yourself contributing to these high standards?

The leadership team that guides Nature Nate’s as a whole does a great job of viewing each individual at the company as a leader. They empower us to work and serve in our giftings, and that drives the desire to want to lead, produce, and give back in a way that impacts others. The high standards set in place for both our honey and way we treat others is a testament to Nate’s heart. He wants us to jump in with two feet when it comes to ideas and solutions. He wants to provide opportunities for me and my co-workers to give back through our initiative Honey Gives Hope. All of it combines as fuel for us to take things to the next level, and it’s an exciting place to be.

Q: The Nature Nate’s family implements a set of core values called the Bee Attitudes. Is there a specific attitude you strive to implement?

Bee-Passionate is always the Bee Attitude I focus on the most. I am passionate about almost every aspect of my life. From my family and home to my job and the way I steward what God has given me, I am passionate about making a difference wherever I can. There are so many things we can learn from people around us, if we are simply willing to slow down, see them for who they are, and believe their story is worth being heard. I am passionate about that. My parents taught me that we can learn from any situation and any person, and I try to carry that perspective into my sales role here at Nature Nate’s.

Two bottles of Nate's honey, one labelled raw & unfiltered, the other organic, on a light background.

Q: What is something you want people to know about Nature Nate’s that they might not know from just looking at our orange label?

I want people to know how much love and care goes into every bottle and comes from every purchase. When we say Nature Nate’s is a strong supporter of communities and organizations, we mean it. We come alongside organizations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Samaritan’s Purse, Thistle Farms, and many more in an effort to help make this world a better place. I agree with Nate’s message printed on every bottle when he says, “I thank God for allowing us to serve you and your family.” I am honored to do what I do and grateful for the opportunity to tell our story.

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