How Honey Can Show Hope

The man Nature Nate is holding a white t-shirt with the words HONEY gives HOPE, smiling at an event.

How does honey give hope to a family wanting to adopt?

Adoption is a chance to make a family complete. Parents add a child who needs a home, and the child gets the gift of a family who loves unconditionally and will be the support they need to flourish.

Show Hope is a non-profit organization that helps connect families with children in need. The program offers adoption aid, care centers, pre- and post-adoption support, as well as initiatives to help students get involved helping children in need.

Often there is a significant financial barrier that prevents families from adoption. According to Show Hope, nearly 81.5 million families consider adopting. But only about 1 in 500 of those families are able to actually complete the adoption process. Through adoption aid, Show Hope provides grant opportunities to help families that would otherwise not be able to afford adoption.

You can become a LifeHope sponsor who’s donation funds an entire adoption grant each year by giving $5,000 annually or $418 monthly. Since 2003, Adoption Aid grants have helped more than 6,000 children.

Honey Gives Hope is the heart of Nate’s. It’s a philosophy that we run our business by and that we strive to live by. Nate believes that honey is our means to help those in need. In doing so, we found this incredible opportunity to help bring a family and a child together.

At the 2017 GMA Dove Awards, Nate and the co-founders of Show Hope Steven Curtis & Mary Beth Chapman had the pleasure of telling the awarded family that Nate’s was able to provide them with a grant.

Witnessing firsthand the opportunities to give the hope our work allows, is the fuel that keeps us inspired.

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