From the Farm:

Making Space for You

In our crazy, on-the-go lives, it seems more difficult than ever to make space in your schedule for yourself and for your goals. How do you get the kids to school and activities, and also work, cook, clean, exercise and sleep? We just need a few more hours in the day, please!

The first step in making space for yourself is setting a goal. By setting a realistic, attainable goal, you can keep yourself on track, and feel like you’re accomplishing something every day. Plus, checking things off the to-do list feels so good!Making space for yourself means finding moments in your day to nourish your body through natural foods and making physical space to strengthen your hard-working muscles.

Maybe there’s a space in your house that isn’t littered with toys where you can stretch, or maybe you can find an extra five minutes in your day to make a healthy snack. Use Nature Nate’s honey with your snack to add a natural sweetener and kick-it up a notch.

Wherever you start, we believe there’s no shame in using what you have. Here are a few tips and tricks for finding a little space for you!

Outside the House

Try scheduling some outdoor time for you and your family. Maybe you spend a little time in the backyard or atthe park. Soak up some vitamin D along the way! Or try taking a family walk after dinner–you’ll get some fresh air as you exercise and another opportunity to talk with friendly neighbors.

Plan trips around your neighborhood to local places like the arboretum, zoo or nature reserve. These are great places to get outside, enjoy the scenery, and learn more about the great outdoors!

Instead of circling for that perfect parking spotup front, park further away from the entrance. That way you can sneak in a few extra steps without muchextra time!

Inside the Nest

Your home can turn into a gym with a little creativity! Try some triceps dips on an ottoman, sturdy bench or couchas you watch television. While folding laundry, do a squat before each clothing item. Hold it in front of you while you squat so you can strengthen your arms along with your core and legs.

If you’ve got a little oneor toddler, try a little trick while playing with them on the floor. Carefully lift them above your head and press them down to your face for a sweet kiss. Your arms will work hard,and your heart will melt seeing their smiling face!

If you have school-age kids, try having little dance sessions with them. It gets everyone moving around and increasesyour heart rate. Not only is it enjoyable, but you’ll get some exercise in too.

Sticking to your goals and strengthening your body doesn’t require huge changes to your lifestyle. You can find little moments throughout the day and squeeze in a little timefor you and your happiness. Get creative and,most importantly, have fun!


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