Kid’s Spring Activities

A child with a bow in her hair is writing on a Sights, Smells, & Sounds of Spring worksheet by Nature Nate's.

Nature is buzzing with the sights and sounds of spring, and we want to help your kids jump in on the fun. Download these free-bee activities to discover all that is blooming in and around your community, as well as learn about the process of pollination.

Scavenger Hunt

Nothing says “welcome, spring!” like getting outside and exploring the great outdoors. Kids will love putting their senses to the test with an interactive nature-walk-turned-scavenger-hunt, and you’ll love an excuse to stop and smell the roses.

Pollination Printable

Our favorite insect is a pollination powerhouse! Between the buzzing bee and blooming spring flowers, kids can begin to learn how pollen is collected and carried to create the beautiful food and nature we enjoy on a daily basis.


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