Nature Nate’s: How We’ve Turned Our Offices Into a Home

Outdoor gathering with people at picnic tables on a lawn.

“You work where?” is a question that we at Nate’s hear regularly when telling folks about our jobs. Usually, it’s assumed that anyone with an “office job” works in a big industrial building among a sea of cubicles. Instead, we opted to go the unorthodox route and transformed a beautiful farm house in McKinney, TX into Nate’s HQ. And honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Every morning instead of sitting in endless traffic and the chaos of downtown in the morning, we head out of the city and onto quiet roads surrounded by sprawling pastures and wildlife only to arrive at our second home—the farm.

A single-story stone house with a prominent wooden gable, front deck, and green lawn, under a clear blue sky.

The House

We moved into the farm house March of 2014 with just a handful of employees, and since then, we have grown to fill every nook and corner. We love the hard-working, yet laid-back country life out here. Because it’s not just the outdoors that give the farm it’s charm – it’s the sense of community that working together in a big farm house fosters.

We’ve grown together in this house. It’s why we call Nate’s a family. We drink coffee in the kitchen together every morning, host meetings over the dining room table and eat lunch on the front porch in the breeze. The rooms are filled with laughter, and each person becomes a part of your life in a way you never imagined. Our farmhouse has become a home.

Donkey in a farm field with another donkey and barns in the background.

The Quirks

Of course working in such a unique space does come with its quirks. The obvious being that when you work in a farmhouse, there’s inevitably a farm around you. Which means the occasional pause in meeting for donkeys to finish braying. Breaking to go give the livestock a pet and feed them treats. Ideation sessions spent sitting on the front porch watching bunnies frolic. And periodically a coworker flying by on the motorbike to get to the warehouse down the way. Unconventional working environments lead to unconventional work days, but at the end of the day we couldn’t imagine it any different.

Rustic Thank You Come Back Soon sign against a blue sky with trees.

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