Honey for Passover

Incorporate raw and unfiltered honey into your Passover Seder!

Passover is a meaningful, home-centered holiday filled with family togetherness and home-cooked Seders. An incredibly versatile ingredient to add to your Seder is honey. It can be incorporated into all kinds of dishes and even enjoyed on its own. Plus, it’s Passover-friendly.

Just be sure that the honey you select is, in fact, honey. Sometimes, honey can be filled with corn syrup and other additives, which you definitely don’t want and also can’t have during Passover. Thoroughly check your labels to ensure that your honey is 100% pure honey.

Nate’s raw & unfiltered honey is always pure, unadulterated honey and is OU Kosher certified too. Grab our bottled honey for cooking at home and gather our honey packets to pass out during Seder. You can also keep the honey packets with you to get a quick boost if you’re losing energy during Passover.

On the Seder Plate

During Passover Seder, honey can be utilized in many different ways, including on the Seder plate. Representing the mortar Israelites used while enslaved by the Egyptians, charoset is one of the ceremonial foods eaten during Passover Seder.

Charoset can be made many different ways but usually features a variation of fruits, nuts, spices, wine and honey. Incorporating honey into charoset adds just the right amount of sweetness and binds the ingredients together. Try this honey-featured charoset recipe or add a little Nate’s honey into your family’s favorite recipe.

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Reading the Haggadah

Honey packets can serve as a treat while reading the Haggadah. During Seder, when the kids are asking and answering the 4 questions about the story of Exodus, try passing out honey packets for whoever gets the correct answer. Or you can use honey packets as a reward for the person who finds the afikomen.

Main Dishes, Sides and Desserts

Honey can add natural flavor to almost any dish you’re making for Passover Seder. For the main roast, try making a honey roasted chicken or honey braised brisket. Drizzle honey over any roasting veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes or asparagus. Honey can even be used in a homemade salad dressing.

And don’t forget dessert! If you’re making chocolate dipped fruit, you can sprinkle a little honey over top for extra sweetness. Try generously drizzling honey over fresh fruit or using honey as a dip for your fruit slices.

Check out these 15 Passover recipes from Joy of Kosher, all of which feature honey and will inspire your Seder cooking!

From our Nate’s family to yours, happy Passover!

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