Free-Bee Honey Bee Health Lesson Plan for Educators

At Nate’s Honey Co. our hardest working team members are the bees. Because of everything they do for us, we aim to support their health and well-being whenever we can. That’s why we’ve created a free lesson plan for teachers and educators of elementary students about honey bee health.

An important step in creating a world where bees are healthy is educating children to grow up understanding what this looks like and why it is so important. Join us as we shout, “Long Live the Bees” and cultivate generations of bee lovers!

What’s included:
  • 8 individual lessons with clear learning objectives
  • Step-by-step teacher guide
  • List of materials
  • 9 printable activity pages

Whether you use all 8 lessons or pick a few that make sense for your class this year, you’ll be able to cover a wide range of subjects under the umbrella of bees. By learning about the anatomy of a bee to what climates they prefer to what a career in beekeeping looks like, your little learners will be well-rounded experts in no time!

Get your free-bee lesson plan here!

Show us the ways you use this plan with your students! Share what your kids are learning on Instagram using #naturenates and #longlivethebees. PLUS, check the teacher guide for a way to win a gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers, a place to get lesson plans sold by other teachers!

Learn more about our Long Live the Bees initiatives here.

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