Every Shirt Gives Hope

At Nate’s, we are passionate about instilling a desire to live life raw and unfiltered. From the honey we produce to our promise to serve vulnerable communities, we strive to choose real in everything we do. A big part of choosing real to us is recognizing what real needs we can meet beyond the bottle.

As a way to give fellow honey lovers the opportunity to join the movement to live life raw and unfiltered while impacting lives with us, we are selling these t-shirts (adult and youth sizes) and all the profits help bring families seeking adoption and waiting children together with the help of our friends at Show Hope.

Every Shirt Gives Hope

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Show Hope was founded on the idea that you can’t do everything but you can do something. Financial barriers are the main reason less than 1 in 500 families with a desire to adopt can actually follow through. By gifting adoption aid grants to hedge the financial burden of adoption, Show Hope is working to create a world where this happens less.

Last year, Nate had the pleasure of personally awarding a family with a grant at the 2017 GMA Dove Awards, and this year we are giving you and your kids the opportunity to join us as we give back. Click here to get your own shirt, and join us as we choose to live life raw & unfiltered.


Honey Gives Hope is a giving program at the heart of Nature Nate’s Honey Co. It’s a philosophy that we run our business by and a filter we strive to live our lives through. Nathan Sheets, CEO and Chief  Steward of Nate’s, believes that honey is our means to help those in need.

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