Celebrate Easter with Nate

Colorful Easter activity sheets with markers, eggs, and a Nate's Easter Fun coloring sheet, sparking festive creativity.

Spring flowers, bouncing bunnies, colorful eggs and sweet treats. These are all the welcome signs that spring is here, and that means one of our favorite holidays is near!

The sweet anticipation of Easter is something both kids and adults alike can’t seem get enough of – and we want to celebrate alongside you! Faith and family mean the world to us, and so we’ve created free-bee activities to help you and your family celebrate all things Easter. With a crossword, dot-to-dot, counting games and drawing, not only will Nate’s Easter fun provide a creative outlet, but hopefully it will gift your family with quiet time to recognize and reflect on Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice.

From our hive to yours, happy Easter!


An Easter coloring sheet with He Has Risen! text, Jesus Christ and flowers, accompanied by an array of colorful markers.

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