Big House of Hope

Blue building facade under a clear sky.

Last year, Nate’s had the incredible opportunity to help bring families and children together through Show Hope, a non-profit organization that helps connect families with children in need. The program offers adoption aid, care centers, pre and post-adoption support, as well as initiatives to help students get involved in helping these children foster a successful future.

Show Hope

According to Show Hope, nearly 81.5 million families consider adopting. But only about 1 in 500 of those families are able to actually complete the adoption process. Through adoption aid, Show Hope helps families that would otherwise not be able to afford adoption through grant opportunities. This past year, Nathan Sheets, Chief Steward and CEO of Nate’s, had the pleasure of telling an awarded family that Nate’s was able to provide them with a grant at the 2017 GMA Dove Awards, along with co-founders of Show Hope, Steven Curtis & Mary Beth Chapman.

Children's room with cribs and a cartoon car mural on the wall.

A nursery with colorful cribs and a large animal-themed wall mural.

Advocates Across the World

A member of the Nate’s family recently flew to China for a first-hand look at the care centers. Each center was strategically located within a key city of influence.  Show Hope and the Chinese government have a unique relationship that allows the physical and spiritual needs of each child to be met on a daily basis. Many are born with or develop disabilities/defects that deem them “unadoptable” by governmental standards. Their issues can range from a cleft palate and heart condition, to developmental delays stemming from neglect, trauma and abuse. This partnership allows doctors to assist with surgeries and treatments as well as caregivers to love and care for each on a daily basis. Once treated, the hope is that each child will be adopted out into a loving family.

Show Hope stands in the gap for children who can’t care of themselves. They seek children deemed unadoptable by the outside world, and speak up for children who can’t speak for themselves. Nathan once stated, “This company is driven by more than the bottom line — we measure success not just by what we achieve, but also by what we contribute.”  At Nate’s, our heart is to use what we have been given to bless others. Show Hope is one of many organizations we are proud to partner with.

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