A Fond Farewell to Our Farm

A single-story farmhouse with a prominent wooden gable, front deck and green lawn under a clear blue sky.

More than two and a half decades ago, I started beekeeping in my parent’s backyard, and I’ve been on a mission to share the goodness of pure honey with families across the country ever since. After Nate’s honey quickly outgrew the backyard, garage and kitchen table, we rented an apartment for our headquarters, then leased a warehouse and eventually bought our very own Nate’s farm located in McKinney, Texas. 

As consumer demand for Nate’s honey continues to increase so has our need to operate with facilities that meet our highest-quality production standards. It’s with a tender heart that we say a fond farewell to our farm.  

Throughout the years, the Nate’s farm served us well. We built exceptional facilities to bottle and ship honey. We even reconverted an old farmhouse that became a gathering place for company meetings, community picnics and even the occasional wedding! Our farm served as a physical reminder of our farm-to-table philosophy and our commitment to ensure every bottle is as simple and pure as it is straight from the hive. Though the farm is closing, our farm-to-table philosophy and our commitment to the highest-quality honey remain as strong as ever.

While we are grateful for all of the wonderful memories made at the farm, we are also excited to be able to provide more people access to premium 100% pure raw & unfiltered honey and stay true to our vision as the most trusted honey company.  

It’s an honor to serve you and your family, 


Relentless Quality.
Ridiculously Good Taste.
Confidently, the Most Trusted Honey.