5 Ingredients for 5 Easy Meals On-The-Go

A healthy snack box with eggs, yogurt, carrots, hummus, apple, and honey on a striped napkin.

Make smart food choices on-the-go is a struggle. I mean does anyone really have time to make that 20-ingredient sandwich they found on Pinterest? There’s this sense of guilt that we want to feed our kids, and ourselves, food to fuel our bodies and our day, but when will we ever find the time, much less the energy? That’s why we have put together these simple assembly bento box ideas using pantry staples you already have.

A well-arranged snack setup with boiled eggs, carrots, celery, granola, cheese and a bottle of Nate's raw honey.


Bento Box 1: The Basic Bento

Bento Box 2: The Snack Bento (best for big meal days)

Bento Box 3: That’s a Wrap Bento

Bento Box 4: The Elvis Bento

  • Nut butter and banana sandwich (pro tip: drizzle nut butter with honey for added flavor)
  • Carrots with hummus
  • Almonds

Bento Box 5: The Remix Bento

Can’t have nuts or nut butter? Try seeds and seed butter instead. Dairy not your friend? Swap with almond- or coconut-based dairy alternative.

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